Monday, July 2, 2012

Canada Day -- a 3 day celebration

I don't know how long the patriotic celebration is going to continue at Chisholm, but this is the third day and it is still going on.

In fact the celebration is getting longer.

Today I saw Gabe and Audra wheeling their carry-on luggage up the back walk and into Wyona's house for a sleep over.
Zach, holding Kalina

And ... since they have feasted both Saturday at Wyona's and Sunday at Marcia's, the party moved to Peter's Drive-In for a family get-together today.

Now that is a family who knows how to party.



  1. Too True Arta! We do know how to party!
    I missed this one though.

  2. David and I meant to bake a cake. Instead we watched a Star Wars episodes 1-3 until we Climent't anymore. Then over dinner with Miranda and Michael we shared favorite quotes from those movies. what are your favorite Star Wars quotes?