Sunday, July 15, 2012

Lake Water - by Arta

(Rebecca scribing as arta dictates...)

We are trying to live by the rule that if an expert gives you advice you should take it.  For example, if an expert advises you to insure your house with sewer backup, take the advice.  Or another example we refer to in occasionally, if a lawyer gives you advice, take it.   In my case, if an expert tells you that the water is the warmest he has ever felt it in his whole life, try out the water. 

I put on my suimsuit at 10 a.m., thinking I would check out the temperature of the water before the sun really got at its peak.  Glen and Charise are right: the only time I trembled when I walked in the water, was when my foot touched a tiny pebble on the cement ramp. 

Some people thought the cement ramp was taken out.  No.  Not gone yet.  Still there for all to enjoy. 

Greg said that the water was at this height once before in his memory, in 1972.  He calls it "the year we had Primrose".  It is easy to remember what that year was  for the milkers, as the cow needed milking morning and night. 

Bonnie's friends brought their children here last night, to try out the water as well.  Four year old Bea told her mother that this is her favourite beach.

 Doral Pilling would have been happy to hear that.  It was his favourite beach as well.  We are all  only stewards of this place, so I hope that Bea will enjoy it with us until she is in her 20s and moves away to another place.

Glen says that Moiya has fixed up the beach really cute this year:  She has laid down some artificial turf and put down some chairs.  She and Dave are busy pushing logs back out into the water, since logs that get beached now, will be there for another 40 years.
p.s.  I have to go.  Bonnie Wyora asked me to to make white fluffy bread today, and it is in the oven cooking as I speak (note:  "as I type"!)

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  1. I will remember/have been told the summer of 1972 was 'the year I had meningitis'. Thank goodness my parents took me to the hospital. I enjoy being alive.