Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Life in the Air

"Duncan" Livingstone Seagull
Leaving the year behind in London is hard to do.

But easier when a person is flying with their mother and has been upgraded to business class.

Duncan's friends said they were going to have a party for him -- the day after he left.  His mom reminded him that what he was hearing from them was truly British humour.

I am a little jealous of him ... having never flown business class.



  1. Duncan - what is the name again of the type of stuffed animal you thought David might like? Please provide a link.

    Also, what did you think of Captain Britian?

  2. Duncan, How will you ever fly economy again?

  3. I was bumped up to first class once while going to London with a friend of mine whose husband as an Air Canada employee. We sat in individual pods, we were offered sparkling orange juice before we took off, had our choice of two gourmet meals, watched movies and when the captain announced that we were going to land, I was in a fully reclined pod bed laying on my side wondering if we could do a few air laps around London before we landed. Oh the life!