Thursday, July 19, 2012

Sicamous Coffee Break

Grandma and Grandpa ... right next door

The house boats are lined up along the shore, still not out carrying their happy passengers along the shores of the Shuswap.

The town was quiet this morning when Bonnie and I drove into work. Miranda joined us later -- all of us looking forward to finding out what Bonnie does at her coffee breaks.

The temptation to hang out at Grandma & Grandpa's is a strong one.

But instead, we circled to the back of the building for a good walk.
... a wild flower garden backing onto the jogging track  ...

The community got a grant to build a paved footpath around the park and to add exercise equipment.

There are five stations of equipment, all of the busy.

As well we were passing joggers, some with weights on their wrists, and others carrying water bottles.

We know the answer as to why more people don't live in here.

There are just no jobs, and things are looking even worse right now, since the tourists are not coming here. Why should they?
... government grant at work for you ...
Miranda and I were amazed at the number of people using the equipment.

As well there is a child's playground, a soccer field, and a full baseball diamond.

 The house boats are still tied up, though Dave Wood says that a luxury houseboat has been rented out on the other side of the lake.
... sitting on the back of the train ...

The boat is worth 1 1/2 million dollars, holds 30 people and costs $20,000. When he said that corporations rent the boat I thought, "What kind of crazy people work all day together and then vacation with each other?"

We finished our walk beside the railroad car, which is gleaming yellow and black after a new paint job. Arta

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