Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Naomi at Horse Camp

Naomi with Billy
Monday was Naomi's first day of horseback riding camp at Ecurie Jacob.

She has been taking riding lessons there since November 2011, with a lengthy hiatus over the spring when she broke her leg (the fracture happened on the trampoline, not a horse).
In preparation, last week we went to the Apple Saddlery to buy her first pair of riding boots and riding pants.  I am not sure who was most excited -- me or her.  I think perhaps it was me.

When she got up I did her hair in braids and told her she needed to eat some protein to get her through her 9 hour day, so she had a few bites of "egg pie" along with her cereal.  To make egg pie, beat one egg slightly in a small bowl and microwave for 1 minute.  Dump out and eat with ketchup.  This is one of only forms of protein I can get into my little mostly-vegetarian.  Yes, she is a little incarnation of her Aunt Bonnie Wyora in more ways than one.

On the way to the stables she told me she was a little nervous.  I told her that was normal and that all the kids were probably feeling the same way.  Naomi told me she had that feeling in her stomach that she gets when we drive past the dentist's office.
At the stables she was given a new t-shirt with the stable's logo on it and she was told to pick whichever pony she wanted.

Her favourite pony who she has ridden most this year --  William -- was already taken.  She seemed happy to spend the day instead with Billy, a beautiful painted pony.

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  1. I love the idea that someone can be a "little-mostly-vegetarian". How did the nine hour camp go? What was in her lunch box.

    Let me guess: one cream cheese sandwich, pasta with ketchup, apple slices only 2 of which were eaten.

    How will she make it to camp tomorrow unless you top her up tonight with a banana smoothie?