Friday, July 13, 2012

Water Report

I went down to play bridge at Wyona's last night and Glen asked if we had bee in the water yet today.  He had been down to the water after work and stayed in until 8pm.  He was pushing out logs and working the debris along the sides of the water.  Don Robertson had been down there as well.  Glen reported that this is the warmest he has ever felt the water -- ever!

Charise concurred and asked him why it feels like a bathtub.  He said we had had 7 days of blistering heat and no movement on the water so it is very warm on top.  There are no boats cruising up and down the lake -- too many logs out there from the flooding.  Since there have been no storms they just sit there.  Charise asked when the logs will leave and glen says when there is a big storm that pushed them all to the shore.

Bonie and I checked out the water on our early morning walk today.  They are right -- it is so warm you would not want to drink it. 

The only person who did not enter the conversation last night was Zoe.  Glen made many inital attempts to engage her in conversation.  She either ignored him or turned her back on him.  He didn't give up.  Finally he said to her, "I saw someone swimming way out in the water today -- so far it made me a little nervous."  She burst out laughing and said, "ha, ha that was me Glen.  Me and Charise."  From the other side of the room Charise said, "Zoe you big tattle tale."  Zoe was still laughing as though she had tricked Glen.

Yesterday was July 12th and the water was just lapping the top of the ramp.

Hot and high.

Today the water is 6 inches lower -- 6 inches is the length between your thumb and your baby finger stretched out.

You will remember that you can always tell where the high water mark is by the bits of debris that are left along the short.  This year the debris includes lots of driftwood zig-zagging the top of the shoreline.  Someone has laid down artificial turf just in front of the ramp.  To get on the dock you have to walk along the boardwalk that stretches between the land and the dock.  Coming off the dock I had to ask Bonnie to stand while I held on to her shoulder because I could see my first dip in the water was going to happen if I tried to get off on my own.

If you wish to confirm the temperature of the water, call Glen  at 250-836-4405.

(transcribed by Mary for Arta)
(Mary here -- sure wish I was there to test out the water.  I plan to call Glen collect shortly to confirm that I am missing out on a beautiful summer -- drat!)

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  1. Oh my, I am looking forward to testing out the water with little Sydney. Only 2 more weeks!