Thursday, July 19, 2012

Science Experiments

The Ivory Soap Experiment
The bar would melt.
David Camps has been doing science experiments with Miranda.  His first one was the volcano that has rushing lava.

The second experiment involved a watermelon. Miranda and David set the experiment up by naming it, telling the date of the experiment, what they plan to do, and then they construct their hypothesis as to how this experiment will turn out.  For example, the watermelon was to be thrown off of a balcony and David did not know what would happen to it.  His fear was that he would get watermelon all over himself.  When Miranda assured him there would be no juicy, pink splash, he lost his fear of the experiment, so quicker than she could run to grab her camera, the watermelon went tumbling over the railing.

Thus we have no pictures, and no outside observers, but we had a delicious end to the experiment, everyone with their spoons.
The third experiment was ... what happens when you put a bar of Ivory Soap in a microwave. The experiment was written up again. Miranda is a true scientist -- she makes the description and data collection an important part of the work -- and it has to be done first, so David has been doing a lot of writing.

For the fourth experiment, I want to submerge an egg in vinegar for a couple of days and see what happens, but David won't be back to the cabin until the weekend.  I can hardly wait until he arrives.


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