Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Rock Camp and Golf Camp

David and Meighan go to Rock Camp each day.  She is playing the guitar.  He is playing the bass.  Neither of them were intersested in singing the lead, though Meighan told me that she can do back-up.  They brought their music home last night.  The chording goes C, G, E minor and back to C.  They are to strum on each of the four beats of each bar, but David has a rest on bar three.  Still he has to count it.  There is a repeat at the end of four bars of music, which doubles the length of the song.

Last night Meighan was wanting her mom to go to town and buy her a guitar so that she can practise chording all evening.  Both of them studied their music before they went to sleep last night, David's fingers showing Bonnie how they had to curl around the neck of the bass fiddle and then reach way out to press down on the strings.

Ceilidh and Dalton are taking golf lessons -- two hours each day for three days.  Already they have figured out that they either want a golf bag or a cart to ride on, the next time they take lessons.


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