Thursday, July 19, 2012

Kicking Horse Canyon Park Bridge

Kicking Horse Canyon Park Bridge
The building of this bridge is memory based since I travelled this road so many times, wondering if I would have the courage to ride over the structure as I watched it rise from the bottom up.

Now it is done, and the casual traveler will hard notice that the bridge is there at all.

I stop many times on the way through, each time wishing I had set aside more time to look the space over.
names of people who worked on the bridge

Or at the very least I should bring a picnic lunch in a wicker basket, for the price is right -- free!

And the view can't be captured in pictures.

This trip out I was interested in the metal plaque that commemorates the opening of the bridge: the second one honouring people who worked on the bridge.
... a view back to the bridge ...

The road winds alongside the hill and then the highway rises and reaches the other side of the canyon without hardly a bump or a sight that lets one look down into the narrow gorge.

The rest of us know that rafts and kayaks are going in and out of the water, and if you stop at this park, it is not a long walk down to the river where the water travelers alight.

I have slipped down there in the winter, as well as in the spring and autumn, always looking for the tour buses that are full of wet-suited vacationers.
... shadows on stairs leading to the canyon ...

One day I took the time to count the number of picnic tables in this area -- there is always one for every family with extras left over.

The stairs that lead down to the river are steep, as is the path that can be followed to some of the eddies where I can put my hand in the water and test its temperature.

Always glacial cold!
Looking down to the canyona ...

The pictures of this site to not do it justice. But a park bench, some food in a wicker basket and the gentle wind blowing through the canyon!

That is enough to well up feelings of the deepest patriotism.


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