Monday, June 10, 2013

A morning walk ...

I had the perfect walk this morning -- down Gordonhead Road to a sign that points me in the direction of Arbutus Cove.

The only people I passed were people walking their dogs, or men out watering their lawns or digging weeds.
It is incredibly beautiful down at the water.

I am leery of walking on the moss covered stones.  There is a reason to get up on them.

Several small rivulets of water cross the beach.

One piece of me thinks it is a faster way to get to the water.

The other voice is saying to me, if you slip and fall, you will be on crutches for the rest of the summer.

Choose a
different way!

A woman had crossed the road on the way home and stopped me.

"There is a large buck on that lawn," she said, pointing to the other side of the street.  "I am not messing with him.  They can be erratic."

I am getting a lot of hours outside, but I don't think I would be putting many numbers onto my pedometer, if I still had one.


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