Sunday, June 30, 2013

Lisbon on a Sunday

We attended church today in Lisbon.

Quite an interesting building.
It is an old villa converted into a church building.

The villa includes mosaic walkways, a garden (see photo), and a soccer turf in the rear (used as a parking lot on Sunday).
Primary is held on the upper floors with huge balconies covered in tiles (see flower and castle tiles attached).

Every kid I know wants to go to primary in rooms covered with castles and animal tiles.
 ... multiple use soccer field ...
The basement stairs also beautiful with tile mosaics.

The kitchen was to die for with huge marble counter-tops and a cooking area fit for a king.
In the chapel, I took the sacrament while enjoying a stain-glass window of muHenrique (photo with the piano).

Also to be noted was the beautiful mosaic of Poseidon on the outer wall of the villa, unfortunately slightly covered by a parked car.
Who said the church was the same everywhere?

They obviously didn't get to go to church in Lisbon.

The ward members love the building, as did I.
Walked home from church (20 minutes) in the heat of the day.

A scorcher today at 34 degrees.

Have spent the rest of the days indoors, avoiding sunburn.


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  1. now what a fun morning spent at church! LOVE the photos!