Friday, June 7, 2013

Ad Hoc Baking

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Alex beat me to the baking this week.

I could smell the cookies he was baking and I knew the recipe was from the Bakers Best Chocolate Cookbook (1995).

Unfortunately we were one ingredient short of what he needed.

We were out of chocolate chips.

I came into the kitchen when he was through.

I have never seen anyone bake just 6 cookies before.

.... no hit here for the Carter-Johnson boys ...
I doubled the recipe for the blueberry bran muffins I was making.

The boys rejected them. I do not know if it was on the grounds of texture or taste, but I made about 22 too many.

The good part is that when Alex’s friends come to the door looking for food, he is willing to give them blueberry muffin care packages.

We have done one other form of cooking. When Laticia brings home a BBQ-ed chicken from the store, I take the meat off of the bones while it is warm.

Alex has decided the meat makes a wonderful salad the next day. He asked me how to take the meat off of the next chicken that came into the house, so I stood beside him and coached him as to method. He hadn’t counted on the warmth of the meat, or the feeling on his hands as he was tearing off the legs, or the grease on the skin as he was separating that from the meat, or running his thumb down the breast bone to remove the meat from there.

Thus endeth three forays into the kitchen: ½ a cookie recipe; far too many bran muffins; and the difficulties inherent in having beautifully packaged chicken for a salad the next day.



  1. well.... i guess that he is still doing WAY better in the kitchen than I did at his age! (though i suppose i should celebrate the accomplishment of failing grade 8 cooking)

  2. I think Alex is fine in the kitchen. As long as the fridge and freezer are full, he knows how to make the microwave his friend.

    Yesterday I was trying to get Duncan to change his paradigm on "should a mother be able to cook". And to make that non-gender specific, I should add father. I told him why should anyone learn to cook when they can buy a roast chicken at the store, some fresh vegetables, a piece of fruit and have a perfect meal with no cooking at all.

    The whole trick is finding a job that will allow you to have enough money to do that, I told him. We both know that job is not a paper route.

    Duncan is not convinced.

  3. Pleae send me the muffins. I need to bring something for a work breakfast pot luck tomorrow morning.

  4. The muffins are all gone. At least the ones Alex liked. _I Love Homemaking Cookbook_, page 60. Pina Colada Muffins. If you don't have coconut, crushed pineapple, rum extract and sour cream, pick some up on the way home. A little bland, says Alex -- but that means bland in compared to what, I think to myself. Still they are all gone, bland or not.

    You already do the best bran muffins. I like muffiins. You know those Sunshine Muffins -- carrots,coconut and I can't remember what else is in them, but I do remember Bonnie saying, "I can't believe you got me to eat coconut with these."

    Yes. Muffins. Strategic subterfuge.