Thursday, June 13, 2013

Off my Radar

Tonia was nice today. She sent me an email that said, "Not sure if you made it to The Audience this evening but once again the Nat'l Theatre blew me away. It is their 50th anniversary this coming year. So many more exciting plays planned. A little Shakespeare, a little War Horse a little other stuff. I miss the British words I was used to hearing by the time I left." Then she told me "Cheerio."

Going to The Audience has been on my mind, in my calendar, I read the reviews and taught Duncan about the Prime Ministers we would see.  I have been looking forward to this for months. Then tonight, the fact that we were going to it slipped right off of my radar.  We got our saxophone practicing done and our newspapers delivered, and the dog fed.

But none of that is enough to fill that little place of disappointment on missing an event I was looking forward to.  And looking forward to taking Duncan to.  But that is in the past now.

This month the series "Great Art on Screen" will have a showing called Munch, June 27th.

I don't know what else to do so that I can remember to get there. 

Tie a string around my finger, maybe?

Or perhaps ask Tonia to give me a heads up the night before?



  1. So Tonia is sneaking out to the National Theatre is she? Where was I?

  2. At the Lake. Apparently eating waffles, enjoying the view, dipping your toe in the water, playing bridge and having fun with grandkids. Not a bad day either. ;)

  3. PS. Munch and Vermeer are in my phone calendar!