Friday, June 21, 2013

Lake Paradise in June

Lurene was wanting a holiday in June so our plans were to take a last minute Alaskan cruise or two. Then at the last minute Lurene changed her mind and we spent the holiday at the lake for two weeks.

Of course we had to snatch Audra for the first five days but that is all Marcia could part with her.

Every little girl needs her bottle time with a substitute mother when on holidays.

What a treat it was to be a the lake with these three little girls. Never a dull moment.

Lurene is trying to do her yoga out on the lawn. The only reason that Theresa is not there is that she is tied up in the jolly jumper.

A table setting is not complete without flowers from our neighbors garden. I already forgot the name of this flower from Glen and Janet's garden but I could never forget the beauty of it.


  1. Such a great holiday. It is good that I have a job but I remember I was planning on being there with you when I didn't have a job. Get back to Calgary OK and I hope your house is doing well. The Lake looks beautiful!

  2. Hello and a pic wow to the pictures. Knowing that you are on the way back there makes me double-wish that I could join you. Loved the fox-gloves on the table. And where did Audra get that beautiful bow, the fuchsia polk-a-dot one. I know where the beaded head dress came from. I was there in a small alley from off of the Dubai gold market when Wyona purchased it. I love it that Audra's grandmother brings something back for her from half way across the world, because she knows Audra will like it... even if it isn't gold.