Friday, June 21, 2013

Spring blossoms and hail at Chisholm

 Here we have Charise and Kalina enjoying the blossoms on our beautiful back yard blossoms.

 The petals on the blossoms just fall like snow, covering the ground and Kalina's face.

 Noone but Kalina, Greg and Charise know what is being examined on the grass.

 While the blossoms were on the tree the hail came down and covered the ground and car.

Zoe and Kalina enjoy a picnic out by the side of the house. A great place to have a picnic so when Kalina pours the water out of the teapot, it goes on the ground.


  1. When I talked to you on the telephone and you said you were going to write on the blog, I thought we were going to get stories about the Special Olympics in Devon, Alberta. Indeed, this may be the warm-up to those stories since I am left wanting to know more.

    Thank you for capturing the image of the hail and the white falling blossoms of the May Day tree.

    I wanted another place set for me at the party with the woman who presides over the tea pouring wears a fushia hat.

    And only you, Wyona, would leave me wondering what it is that only the very old and the very young can think about, though all can see something is happening.

    Please ... post more.


  2. It was a fun day and I was lucky to be in town around this time. That is my wee car having been attacked by hail. Beautiful trees and a fun week in Calgary.