Saturday, June 1, 2013

Flyng to Iqaluit

... if I could just finish 4 more important jobs  ...

Rebecca has been organizing to go to Iqaluit to teach legal process for two weeks.

There have been binders of teaching materials to collate, and a change of clothing, since the temperature there is at zero compared to our extended forecast – 20 Celsius for the next five days.

Actually, she has been organizing to go for longer than two weeks.  I was booked to come and look out for the boys about 3 months ago.

... I have to close this down now ...
Rebecca's last acts included packing her hat, her gloves, her fur coat  and her electronic equipment.

That coat hasn't come out of the closet for 10 years.  Now it is pressed into service in Nunavut.

Two days before the trip is also the time  she decided to purchase a battery recharger to replace the one she lost eight months ago. 

With any luck we will see some pictures up on her blog.

 "what is wrong with your pics is that
they remind me I am no longer 17" ...
I was glad to see her frantic speeding up of jobs to finish before she left.

Not that this is normal, but it was easy for me to remember doing the same thing before I came to stay here.

For me the last few hours before leaving the house are overwhelming.

She didn’t leave me with many job lists.

I have to clean this now
Only one job.

Practise the saxophone with Duncan, a job we have already done.

In fact it was so much fun we learned a new piece – at least ¾ of it.

... time to put this away ...
How surprised is the saxophone teacher going to be when he sees we have mastered most of “Stairway to Heaven” and it isn't even on the list of things to do this week.

... easy to loose my reed ...
We have, at least, nailed down where the breathing marks are, and practised some of the slurs and tonguing.

And we identified the repeats and all of the F#'s.


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