Monday, June 10, 2013

Joe Fafard's Horses

The rooms of the Carr house have been stripped of all of their other ornaments.

The mantels, side tables, porches and dining room table have his sculptures on them.

Even the shadow on the wall looks beautiful ... and perfectly positioned.

The shadow of the hooves is in the mahogany table as well.

What a perfect place for the showing of these works.

I was thinking about Naomi when I was looking at the horses.

Probably because she loves horses, so.

Such lovely form and grace.

Of course I was squeezing into corners and trying to find the exact position that would show off the charm of their shapes.

The woman from Regina who stopped to speak to me said that she had seen a showing of Joe Fafard in Saskatchewan, and the horses were only silhouettes, one behind the other.

She had circled that one piece at least two hours she said.

She and I were the ones who stayed in the gallery a long time.

She has just moved to Victoria and thinks she has hit the pay dirt of artistic communities.

I finally gave up trying to get just the right picture of this tail and decided to give you to you head on, Mary.

There it is.

... details of a horses tail ... who would thought interest could be here ...
The tale of the century!

Stopped in space.

So interesting.


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