Friday, June 21, 2013

Dancing in Paris

Posted for Catherine:
 ... Sign on our neighbour's door ...
This sign must loose something in translation.

 ... Salsa along the Seine ...
Today is Jour de la musique in Paris.

Never heard of it before but was instructed by the daughter of the woman we are renting from, to attend.

When I asked here what it was, she said, "There is music!"

Waltzing along the Seine
Try to spot Rebecca and Catie!
I asked her where, to which she replied, "Everywhere".

I thought she must have a limited command of English, to reply everywhere, but in fact she was absolutely right.

 ... African Drumming along the Seine ...
We walked from our apartment to the Seine and then along the Seine to Ile de la Cité, and around Notre Dame Cathedral.

There were musicians playing everywhere, and people dancing in the street to the music--swing, salsa, tango, waltz, hip hop, African drummers and more.

 ... Jiving along the Seine ...
Hebe was too tired to enjoy it and actually fell asleep within 2 blocks of leaving the apartment.
The older kids tolerated the late night walk, but were too tired to really enjoy it.
Now it is midnight and we are all trying to get adjusted to the time difference.

More later.


  1. David loves cats. I wonder what he would make of that peculiar cat.

  2. The peculiar cats I know are 'Moogeeg & Peeseeg: Two Peculiar Cats' from "Cats". As a matter of trivia, Peeseeg is the dark cat.


  3. I remember seeing these dancers as I was on a boat going down the Seine a few years ago. I wanted to jump overboard, swim to the shore and start dancing with them. Another trip to Paris for dancing is formulating in my head. :)