Friday, June 28, 2013

Larch Haven Minecraft

 ... Minecraft Lego at dinnertime ...
David is wondering which of his cousins want to play Minecraft with him this summer.

He is also looking for information on how to build an arrow (in Minecraft, that is).

More about Minecraft later ... you will probably be hearing about it all summer.

... sharing crudites with a creeper ...
for the uninitiated a creeper is one of the scariest creatures that comes out
 ...David studying Minecraft lego...


  1. Hi David from Duncan. To make an arrow, you, on a diagonal starting from the top right to the bottom left, on the top right put an iron ingot, on the middle, a stick; and on the bottom left, a feather. I would love to play minecraft with you this summer when i come out. if you have other questions, do a blog post, and i will check in and then answer!

    1. Thanks for telling me how to make an arrow. I have been trying for a long time. Are you online?