Saturday, June 22, 2013

Zoe with her Olympic medals!

Zoe had a great day performing at the Rythmic Gymnastics Summer Special Olympic Games. She performed in a group number and then in four categories: hoops, clubs, ball and ribbon. It was a pleasure to watch all the competitors in these events. We spent Saturday afternoon watching and taking videos. Below are just a few of the pictures.
Zoe posing with the team before her events.

Zoe waiting on deck to perform.

Zoe is being presented with her first medal which was a silver for the hoops.

Here is Zoe having been presented with her second medal which was bronze in the ribbons.

And again Zoe has a bronze medal for her performance with the clubs.

Zoe won the bronze medal for the best all round athlete in her division. The team behind Zoe is the Edmonton team.

Zoe displaying all four of her medals.

All is well. It was a great day and a great event!

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  1. Way to go ZOE! So amazing! All your hard work paid off and now you have three fantastic medals and some amazing memories about participating in the Olympics. I will call you early next week to hear all your stories about this fun weekend. Love you!