Monday, January 11, 2016

Walking and Water

I continue to walk since my new goal is four miles a day. Or at least four miles, some days. I am episodically watching the PBS special “In Defense of Food” and every time I watch I pick something else out from the film I can do. For example, eat only food that rots. That made me laugh, especially when Rebecca said she is sure that if she left red licorice out for long enough, it would rot. Dry out maybe, but no, not rot.

Back to walking -- I can get 90% of what I need with me about 90% of the time: some money, light gloves, a scarf, a telephone, my name on something in case I get lost and no one knows who I am, a package of Kleenex, a hat, and water.

By the time I think about water I go to the freezer thinking I will take the bottle of water I put there, since I want to top it up and have ice as well. But someone else has found it first and used it. So I grab the thermos container that Duncan uses to take soup to school in. I feel as though I have gone upscale – a stainless steel container and a beautiful lid and so what if I have to screw it off every time I drive. I will have water available.

Half way through the water I looked carefully at the water for it tastes different. Yes, little floaties are in the water -- from the cream of mushroom soup that had attached itself to the side of the container and then dried there. The thermos had jogged around so much on the ride that the substance is able to leave the sides of the container. I just didn’t give it a good scrubbing when I get home. I let it rest in vinegar overnight.

Hydration? I am going to get it right – nice clear cold water today when I walk.


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