Friday, January 15, 2016

Perfect Dishes

The chips and nicks on the plates we use at home are signaling that it is time for a new set of dishes. I did leg work for Rebecca, taking what she wants for new dishes, with what is possible to find.

A set that contains no mugs? Only a person who has thrown so much pottery and has her own set of mugs would be asking for that. And I found such a set at Canadian Tire. Too bad that the neon lime green color, or alternatively puke-red colour were the only choices. “I would go right off food in a week if I had to eat off of that colour ,” I told her.

A Pfaltzgraff set from London drugs? Everything was right. The ½ price. The fact that we could get 3 sets, and thus have twelve of everything. We had even figured out what to do with the mugs she didn’t want. Send one home with each of the grad students who are coming for dinner tonight.

The downside? They are so heavy. And will the bowls, the beautiful large cereal bowls with an extra rim on them, will those fit in the dishwasher? We got the sets right up to the cash before deciding, the answer is no, they won’t fit in the dishwasher and they are also too heavy for arthritic arms to lift in multiples out of the dishwasher.

And now I am watching the PBS special "In Defence of Food" that is telling us yet again, that people should begin to choose a 9 inch plate for the meals -- every meal.  Has such a set of dishes been designed?  And if so, would any of us buy them?

Where is the perfect set of dishes?


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