Sunday, January 3, 2016

Gingerbread Houses

... as is, in the box, ready to go ...
Mary and Leo usually go to Montreal for Christmas.

This year their holiday there was for the coming of the New Year.

Over the years a tradition has developed around gingerbread houses.

The women make the gingerbread, carefully cut the pieces, glue them together with royal icing and then the fun for the kids begins.
... the candy sorted and contaionerized ...

This year Mary happened on a gingerbread house sale, the day after Christmas.

Boxes that were regularly $12 were now on sale for $1 a box.
... royal icing, the glue that never fails ...

There were fifteen boxes in the store.

Mary had a hard time justifying only buying 7 of them, but that is the number of cousins who would be interested in making them.

The kits came with the houses pre constructed, glued, with royal icing and with candy in the box.

Hard not to think this might have been Mary’s best Christmas treat ever.
... all in a row ...

A lot of labour saved in that after Christmas sale.



  1. What?! they were sold out here in Victoria! There were only 2 left in my neighbourhood, and they were "Frozen" ones, which means i had to pay $20 for each kid... and duncan never even put it together... just squoze the icing onto the individual pieces!

  2. Adorable! Maybe we can find some on half price and make them now. Christmas is over but January 6 the Three Wiseman arrive!