Thursday, January 21, 2016

Locked out

The hitch for me is that when I leave the house, I always think I will be able to re-enter the house. Someone is always home. That is true except on the days when Dave cleans, I guess, for when I come back and he is gone the house is like a fortress – there is no way to get in. Last week was fine. I sat outside and waited until Duncan came home with a key. That is the nice thing about Victoria. You can sit outside and there is no chance of freezing to death.

This week I walked home after attending Legal Process for the first year students on Wednesday. I was not the only parent there, but the only one with a job. I stayed in the hall and pointed students in the direction of the pre-conference coffee and muffins. After the morning event I headed out for home. Only to find it locked again. Even with instructions about how to key myself back in, I hadn’t practiced, and Gillian Calder says that I was unsuccessful because I have brought with me my 20th Century skills into a new era – one where you don’t hit the button twice if it has a 7 and an 8 on it. Just hit it once. But like everything in life for me, what once worked, might not be working in the new world. So locked out twice? That was my chance to do more walking – to I headed back to the law school to hang out there until the door I wanted to be opened for me, could be opened. On the bonus side, a few months ago I couldn’t have done that walk. Not even the first third of it. Now I am both strong and confident.


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