Monday, January 4, 2016


Kitchen Selfie. David gets to learn to cook in two kitchens. 
It can be hard to remember where each item is kept.

Oct 17, 2015

What lies ahead is on David's mind.

When he and I set out to find a recipe on the web for him to try out, he corrected my search term.

I had entered "cooking" and "9 year olds". He said, "You mean 10 year olds.  My birthday is coming up soon, you know."

Yes, December is just around the corner.

So is Middle School.
Skyping is so much easier than a phone call. The thought of not knowing
what to say can be overwhelming, as can having to rely soley on hearing.

A close friend from his grade 4/5 split class is now at the  school he will attend in Fall 2016.

David is actively seeking the insider scoop.

They have set up a weekly Skype session.

The first Skype session after school began was filled with  questions.

"Who is your home room teacher?"

Preparing for the future.

"What were the hallways like?"

Soon after, David explained to his father, "You know I will be needing my own key to the apartment soon."

When I bought this key chain in 2006, I was imagining bringing him home from the hospital for the first time, not of him asking for his own key for the first time.

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