Friday, January 22, 2016

Jane Eyre

... image from National Theatre website ...
The National Theatre production of Jane Eyre has an encore tomorrow.

I am going back.

This time to listen to the woman in red.

And to pay attention to the dog/actor when it first comes on the set.  And to watch for the transformation of Jane from a baby to a child to a governess to a woman with means.  And to watch the wicked step-mother.  Every story has one.  And   to look at the band on stage for the whole show.  A treat.

How lucky to get a second chance at the show!

Just so nobody will be disappointed, this is not the opear -- no fantastic costuming, no stirring choruses, no dancing, no subtitles ... just Jane Eyre.

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  1. As an afterward, we did get to the show -- all five of us: Steve, Rebecca, Alex, Duncan and me. Rebecca bought the tickets and then said, you and I have not been on the same page. You keep telling me the tickets are $25 and I know they aren't. That is because I discovered today that if you buy 3 or more tickets, you get a discount."

    The usher searched Rebecca's bag but he didn't seem to be looking for the snacks she was carrying in it. The search seemed unfair given that the boys had lined up for pop and popcorn as well.

    "A good show," said Alex when it was over.

    "I feel as though I have been punched in the gut," said Rebecca.

    "I got to pay attention to the music this time", I thought to myself. "And to the small details that make the show move. The way that lights are held by the actors to transform the stage; the way Craig Edwards plays Mr. Brocklehurst, the dog Pilot and Mr. Mason; the other-worldly turn that Melanie Marshall makes on the songs that we know so well (at least those of us familiar with 'Crazy Over You' or 'Mad about the Boy'.)"