Friday, January 29, 2016

Chow Mien

...always have those little suckers
on reserve in your cupboard ...
I have to think ahead if I am going to make chow mien. Chicken chow mien was what I thought would be good. Not everyone can pull bok choy out of their cupboard, nor have shitake mushrooms in their pantry. I had all of the ingredients that I needed on a list. And Rebecca and I looked at the dried noodles for a long time in the grocery store, to see which ones would really do the job.

My goal was to make a noodle dish that Duncan would like.

I came close.

Not close enough. “If you don’t like it, just take it back to the kitchen,” said Steve to Duncan a little later from the sanctuary of their TV gaming monitors. “What could be wrong”, I wondered aloud to Duncan. “I want to do it right next time.”

“The noodles are too short. You can’t twist them on the fork and get them up to your mouth.”

Who would have known? No hit here tonight with my culinary skills.  I would have thought it was the mushrooms that would have gone down.

There are plenty of other noodles on the grocery shelves for me to try.

 And I am not dead yet.


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