Saturday, January 9, 2016

The newspaper -- electronically

I got interested in the NY Times this morning.  They had published 52 places to see in 2016.  I went through the list wondering if I could get to those places in a lifetime.  I discovered I have been to some of the places, maybe 10 or so.  And way down on the list, though listed in no particular order are the South Gulf Islands of British Columbia.  Some people in our house have been to two of them.

The scenery around them looks amazingly like what we see at the Shuswap.  Check it out at about #50 of places to see in 2016.  It could look like a view out of a window you have stood before.

Rebecca got interested in the topic of sentencing with respect to poachers.

I admit that the article she sent on to me was interesting, but maybe that is because she is letting me come to her crim law class.  This morning I was thinking, why audit, why not just take the class, do the exam and start working on the law degree I always wanted.  The trouble is ... I wanted too many things -- a law degree, a medical degree, a PhD ... in anything.

The world is a big place.  Hard not to want it all.


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