Friday, January 8, 2016

Full Saturdays

The baritone Peter Mattei, left, as Wolfram
and the tenor Johan Botha as his romantic rival,
the title character, in “Tannhäuser,”
conducted by James Levine
at the Metropolitan Opera.

I had some time to look at the internet today, trying to figure out when New York Met operas begin.

I looked for NT Live performances from London as well.

I added in the encores, since I like to go twice, even three times.

I looked for reviews for myself and for dates and times.

Tomorrow is Tannhäuser.  Here is the New York Times Review.

I read it once, but that is not enough to get me up to enough speed that I will really enjoy the performance.  So there is work ahead for me to do.  And even if I don't get prepared, why isn't it alright just to go and soak up what I can.

Coming Up
Jan 9 - Tannhauser - 4 hrs 15 min
Jan 16 - Pearl Fishers, 2 hrs, 54 min
Jan 23 - Jane Eyre 3 hrs 30 min (saw it once, going back)
Jan 30 - Turandot - 3 hrs 35 min
Feb 6 - Lulu 4 hrs 15 min (saw it once, going back -- chilling and compelling)
Feb 20 - Pearl Fishers (actually saw it for the first time in London at the Colesium)
Feb 27 - Dangerous Liaisons 3 hrs, 30 min

A big thank you to Catherine Jarvis who was the first one to tell me to go to these events.

Another thank you to friends and family who have accompanied me along the way:  Lurene Bates, Tonia Bates, Charise Bates, Wyona Bates, Fazeel Kayyum, Duncan Carter-Johnson, Alex Carter-Johnson,  The Doral and Anita Johnson Kids (Meighan, Ceilidh, Dalton), The Jarvis Kids (Rebecca, Catie, Thomas), Trell Johnson, and Ina Given.  The more names I type, the more I think of, so to the others, leave me a comment and remind me which shows we saw for it has all been fun.

Maybe the moment that goes deepest into my heart has been when another audience member stops me in the hall or on the theatre stairs and says, "I see you are here with your grandchildren.  You are lucky."

I know I am fortunate.


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