Monday, January 4, 2016

Christmas 2015 - David Style

We couldn't find the Tio that Aunt Montse gave to us when I was little, so we had to improvise using my new stuffy - sprinkles. He is a caterpillar that I got at the dollar store. In this photo, my dad and I were about to unveil the cover on the Cago Tio. 

This year the Tio brought me a lot of modelling clay, a 3-D puzzle, Kraft Bendable Building Sticks, Geometric Rulers (my favourite is the sxx), sticky notes, a lot of blank recipe cards, three different pencil sharpeners, coloured wooden blocks, a glow sticks that turns into eye glasses, a lot of pencils, a bow compass and divider, five rectangular erasers, and a round eraser.

Round One of a Catalonian Tradition

Round Two of a Catalonian Tradition

Round Three of a Catalonian Tradition

David carries the Caga Tio log -- improvised, since he couldn't find his original log.

A hit of a gift from Joaquim:  The National Geographic Cookbook
...a  holiday drink, without the proverbial moustache ...

Read Recipes and Eat -- an all year tradition extended to the holidays

A warm drink and reading the pages of a new recipe book.

Wondering what to cook next?

Supersmash Brothers WII

 ...a well loved gift, every family should have two or three...

Lego Fun

... a loved gift ....

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