Monday, January 4, 2016


In preparation for Middle School, David has been thinking about what snacks he will make for himself. I have been thinking about how to best prepare him for that. I  have enlisted help from Katie Rinald, Board Certified Behavior Consultant. She is an expert in figuring out how to break down a skill into smaller pieces, and help people learn them them.

The goal for him:  gain confidence and independence in cooking, and cooking safety.
The goal for me:   learn how to fade out supports, how to "support" me not being in a supporting role.

Katie comes from Vancouver to Salmon Arm every few months or so for face-to-face help. Other times her support is via Skype.

My first session was Katie interviewing me about what has worked in the past for cooking lessons and what hasn't. It seems so simple in hindsight, but I was feeling very stuck. I committed myself to setting aside dedicated times (2-3 times a week), time when neither David and I were hungry nor tired. Also, cooking tied to social plans (time with cousins, having a friend over) is highly motivating to him.

Our homework this week was to email her 12 items David might like to learn to cook. Here it is:

Hi Katie,

Me and my mom made this list of foods for "Cooking with Katie".  Here's what I have already practiced. I could pretty much do them on my own. The main things I need are 'instructions' and 'where things are' and 'what things are'. For example,  sometimes I forget what a sauce pan is and I think it is the thing I use to drain instead of cook.
1. Mac n Cheese.
2. Toast.
3. Pizza - frozen (homemade with help)
4. Cereal.
5. Hotdogs.
6. Grilled cheese.
7. Panini.
 This next list is of things I have made with help.
1. Cauliflower or broccoli with cheese sauce.
2. Cake.
3. Pancakes
 Other things I would like to learn how to cook.
1. Egg, cheese, and sausage breakfast sandwich.
2. Scambled eggs.
3. Cheese Omlet.
4. Brownies.
5. Sweet potatoes
6. Nacho chips with cheese on top.
7. Mashed potatoes.
8. Hamburgers.
Next Tuesday when we Skype could you help me with cauliflower with cheese sauce? The stove top part is hard for me for, both cauliflower and sauce.

When you come [the week after], would you like me to make you pancakes or a cake?

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