Monday, January 25, 2016

Never Be Late ...

I am still laughing about the announcement in the theatre on Sunday that the ballet will be shown later  in the year on the east coast.  No one on the east coast could see the announcement, for they were all snowed in, which is the reason that the ballet has to be rescheduled.

For some reason this made me remember a song that we used to sing at the beginning of Sunday school in the 1950's.  The title was "Never be Late to the Sunday School" (p. 158).  My dad would lean over to me and say, "Why are they making us sing this song.  We are all on time.  They should make all of the people who come in late, stand up and sing it later."

I heard this more than once from him, and for some reason I thought about his words again, when all of us who are not snowbound, did get to the theatre, only to see the announcement that was meant for others who didn't get there.

And speaking of being on time ... the happy day came for me that I got off of the opiates and took my meds back.

That was clear back in December.

I can't remember if I posted this picture, but here is happy me. Wearing Rebecca's Cowachin sweater and showing the inside of the bag of pills I am returning to the druggist -- so happy to see the last of them.


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