Friday, January 8, 2016


I'll take the one on the left.
You eat the one on the right.
I have been longing for chips – the kind that you can get in the food court at Costco.

That is an old habit for those grandchildren – stopping there before getting groceries. Michael and Alice know the trip to Costco as “going to the hot dog store”. Their parents discard the buns and let the kids go at the long piece of meat. When I go there, I just want the chips – not the poutine, not the fish – I just want the carbs, fat and salt.

Giving in to the craving, I stopped by the local fish and chips store which I have been eyeing since I got here. It is behind the 7-11 and I slipped in there on my walk home from grocery shopping yesterday.

“May I have a bag of chips.”

“We don’t sell them without the fish – that will be $10.95, the lunch special.”

I just couldn’t do it.

 Apparently some cravings can be trumped by packaging and cost.


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