Tuesday, January 12, 2016

The Pearl Fishers

Bizet's The Pearl Fishers
Curious about the Pearl Fishers, which will be shown on Saturday, I went to the New York Times to find the review for the show. That was one good part of my day – looking at the pictures, listening to a clip of the music, and making my way around the web to see how the underwater scenes are set up in the opera.

Rebecca went to have an x-ray this morning and since the lab had moved locations, that was another good part of my day, as we then went to both locations and had the added benefit of more time together in the car chatting.

Kim Burrows, the wife of one of Rebecca’s colleagues, came for an afternoon visit and then we were going to see the film, Brooklyn. We didn’t keep an eye on the clock and we missed the movie together, -- time flies when people who have a common interest get together to talk. She said maybe we can try for the movie next week. Three is a charm and that should have been enough good in the day.

Duncan came home with an award today. He has an exquisitely framed Certificate of Graduation from the Barton Reading and Spelling System. He is the 705 person to complete all Ten Levels and his certificate is signed by Susan Baron, herself. He was thrilled -- a fourth happiness for the day.

And the evening finished with a 7-11 run. I participated for the first time which was fun. Sad for me to find out that Rebecca keeps everyone to a $5.00 limit, even me. I wanted 2 bags of chips for $6 but I was only allowed 1 at $4.29. You can imagine how that hurts. The boys gathered stuff but she made them go to the till to see if they were over, and if they were, they had to change their choices. Ouch. 

Tomorrow will be a new day and I will get over my attempt to go over budget since 90% of the day went splendidly.


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  1. I was thinking again about Duncan's certificate of achievement. He reminded me that he has been doing these lessons since he was in grade 3 and now he is in Grade IX. I am nodding my head up and down as if to say yes again to Duncan's fantastic achievement.