Tuesday, March 29, 2016

A Play Date at the Golden Arches

... nothing like a short drive to put a person to sleep ...
Wyona was taking Audra, Theresa and Kalina to a play date, initiated by Theresa who asked her grandmother if they could do that again.

She was the first one in the car and sound asleep before Wyona had driven a couple of blocks to pick up the other kids.

Even with the best of maps, we got lost on the way to Bowness Park, though it is possible to wonder how that could happen.  That was the first part of our day going south.

We got to MacDonalds, and the kids into the play area, only to see a sign:  "Cleaning from 4:15 pm to 6:15 pm.  Sorry for the inconvenience."

No one was sorrier than we.

They played in the tunnels and slides for 9 minutes and then we ate and left.

First we were lost.  Then we had chosen the wrong MacDonalds if we were going to sit and watch the kids play.

Who would have thought to phone ahead to MacDonalds to find out their cleaning schedule.

You have been warned.

And then the third part of an event going south?  Wyona left her Ipad at MacDonalds.  To put this in perspective, at least it wasn't one of the kids we left.



  1. I was so lucky to get my iPad back.

  2. Getting your iPad back was the end to hard day where everything else went wrong. The wrong MacDonalds to get playtime in the tunnels. The wrong playground to pick up the kids from Forest School. The wrong evening to sit in the sun, for it was setting as we were playing and when the sun goes down there is suddenly a 10 degree temperature change.

    How could we have had such a good time with everything around us going wrong!