Monday, March 7, 2016

Soccer, Texas Style

From Wyona and Greg in Texas

... extreme grandparenting happens here ...
... a toast with our chocolate shot glasses ...
Saturday started with our soccer games.

Greg dropped four of us off and carried on to Ezra's game.

Senya knew to take the chairs and more.

What she did not know was that most of the stuff she took, she was going to have to carry because I cannot carry very much very far.

Anneliese had to carry her chair (only because I do it myself, not because we were not willing to help) which slowed us down.

Ivan ran ahead.

He was the 4th player on the team there and the coach was not there so a Dad pitched in.

By the end of the game there were 7 players there.

Anyone of the boys on the other team hustled more than anyone on Ivan's team. The other coach was amazing, telling his boys where to be and how to hustle with encouragement. The score was probably 25 to 2, not for us. One of the kids on the other team was short, black, fast and a great ball handler. He was everywhere all the time. Must have scored 15 of the goals.

Ivan had his water which he took. Then a banana, a bar, a grape juice box(which he said was not good but he still drank it) and some apples I think supplied by an appointed parent no doubt). Half way through the game, while it was on, he decided he was going to sit with us so ran across the field sat down on the blanket.

I said,"Ivan you cannot stay here, you must stay with your team". He told me he wanted to sit with us but I convinced him quickly to get off the blanket and go support his team. I saw Ivan kick the ball and it hit another player so Ivan stopped to say I'm sorry while the ball moved on without him. Funny! Ivan was quick on  but has not figured out that "Go for the ball all the time and push the other guy out of the way!! Fight, do not apologize!!!

 ... a rainbow in our Shuswap backyard ...
... a rainbow of fun in Texas ...
Greg took Ezra to his game. There were 5 players on the team. One kid was crying the whole time on the bench. The others were all complaining that they were too tired to play. Ezra and another kid took turns going in and out. The coach spent most of his time convincing the boys to play. Ezra was sad after the game because he did not kick a goal. He wanted someone to give him the ball and wait for him to line up the ball so he could kick a goal. He too needs to learn, "Go for the ball all the time and push the other guy out of the way!

I do not know where the parents are that they do not teach those two boys to plough through and get the ball at all costs.


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  1. Mary told me that it was fun reading about Wyona's grandchildren. When I read, I was reminded of all of the games, the ones where my childen were playing: rugby, basketball, volleyball, field hockey, swim meets, track and field. I wouldn't have wanted to miss one event.