Monday, March 7, 2016

Egg Decorating

From Wyona and Greg in Texas

The egg-blowing party begins.
After lunch we coloured eggs, 22 of them.

At one point Anneliese said, "Oh it broke.

That is how hard she can blow on an egg.

She had her whole hand in the dye pushing the egg down. The table us wet but she could not grab the eggs fast enough.

I put the strings in the eggs last night and this morning they were put on the tree. Now the children want to do 22 more that was fun?
... powerful cheek muscles ...

Ivan asked us every five minutes after 8 o'clock this morning if it was 10 o'clock yet so he could get ready for church.

Senya told us to get there early so we could get the soft seats.

She reported that Trent and she usually leave first and save seats for the rest of the family.

... the thrill of meaningful work ...
A hah! Well, we were not late but we did have to sit on the second row of the hard seats.

All was well until class time and then Anneliese was holding on to Senya.

She would not let go but Senya wanted to go to class.

So Senya sneaked away, Anneliese would have nothing to do with the nursery so I told Greg to drive us home. Now that made Anneliese lose her cool. But after hugging me in desperation at home she watched Baby Einstein on the computer with me quite happily.

I walked around the house doing jobs, getting lunch etc. but checked up on her often. At one point she was gone from the table and so was Greg's computer. I asked her where it was but by then the kids were coming in and lunch had to be served.

After lunch we made chocolate chip shot glasses. While making them Ivan and Senya asked if they could eat some dough. Of course! Eat all you want. Ezra and Anneliese were off doing something else until nearly the end when they came in for some dough. We made one batch, 12 glasses except we were short a little dough.

The boys were ready to eat them after supper but have to wait until tomorrow when they coat the insides with chocolate and then we will buy some chocolate milk and Sprite. What great grandparents!

Then it was time for videos. I was needing it. The three kids and Anneliese were running for the home computer but I looked for Greg's computer for Anneliese. I asked where it was and Anneliese brought it to me. She told me "it was not working, it is really broking" And I could not get it running so I used my Computer for her. Greg checked his and sure enough, it was dead. I guess that is why Anneliese shut it down earlier in the day. Anneliese watches Einstein, Nursery rhymes. songs while the others watch their computer. But when I say video off, the older three turn theirs off and crowd around Baby Einstein with Anneliese. She pushes them away. It is a tie between Anneliese and Theresa who is the most independent!!!

I saw seaweed in the panty so pushed it to the back of the cupboard as I choked up. Next thing I know Ivan's eyes lit up and he asked for seaweed. What@! Is that kid stupid! Then all the kids finished the one package. I did a Zoe taste test on one flake and knew I was right. The stuff is disgusting!

Last night Anneliese was feeling the pinch of no parents so she started to cry about 5:15 p.m. at dinnertime preparation. I made the comment that she is missing her mother and hungry. Next thing you know I cannot find Senya to help me. She is in the bathroom trying to hide her crying. Senya had asked me a number of times where he Mother and Dad were now. Now I have two girls crying. The boys just looked up as they were eating and said, "What are they crying for?" What, we don't miss our parents. They could not figure it out.

I learned that I cannot comment on the behaviour of Anneliese around Senya or I am in trouble.

2 days down, 7 to go. What fun!

Have to go out and buy white eggs and chocolate milk and white bread/buns for tomorrow. All these parents buy brown bread but I know it all tastes better for the grandchildren with white bread and I want to be a winner!

Looking for chocolate now! And I eat it by myself!


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  1. My cheeks start to ache, just looking at the kids blowing the insides out of them. Blowing eggs is a talent. Thanks for the beautiful pictures of the kids doing that. We did it. Your kids did it. Your grandchildren have done it now. Everyone knows how their cheeks can ache in this project.