Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Playing with Matrushkas

LtoR: Richard, Alice, Betty's head only barely behind Alice's neck, 
Kelvin, Catherine and Michael
Family photos have to be candids, and grabbed at the moment when someone has a camera in hand.

I could not get a picture without Catherine giving the beginning of a raspberry.  But to put the photo in context, here we are, just getting ready to go over to Richard's to have deer sausage.  But the last act of the day had to be putting away the matrushkas that the kids were playing with.  So piece by piece, the dolls went back together and then we shared a family meal together -- the best part of the day.


  1. Just the little time I was in your basement with Kalina yesterday, she had a set of dolls out and was playing with them. Such a great place for the dolls. However, if all are open at once, good luck getting them back together.

  2. I am working on getting a good set of toys into my new place. My goal is to have as many boxes of toys as you have in your house, Wyona. The only thing I don't have is an ironing board that will collapse to about 3 feet off of the floor. I saw you do that for Theresa last year, giving her a long space where she could line up some toys without having to be on the ground. She was just learning to walk and she would go up and down the stretch of that board re-arranging toys. I had never seen "ironing-board-as-playtable" before.