Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Who loves babies?

"Richard?  Could I carry her around for a while?"
When the 5 second cousins were at MacDonalds I watched Audra with Theresa. 

She sat with her shoulder to shoulder, and then Audra had her arm right around Theresa's back, chatting with her and entertaining her while they were eating.

 Theresa is not able to do two things at once, and so no food goes into her at an event like this, but she is royally entertained.
"Here is a toy.  Want to come to me now?"

When we got back to our next venue, the Johnson's playground, Theresa was on her own and Audra picked up with Betty, serving her french fries, one with each hand, carrying her around on her hip, and slowly getting in Betty's good graces so that she would go to Audra. 

Quite cute, that girl, Audra.



  1. Audra spent 80% of the time holding Betty. Both girls had a wonderful time. Lovely pictures Arta. Thank you

  2. Thank you for posting all the lovely pictures Arta.

  3. I think the pictures we love are the ones of the grandchildren. That requires picture taking way down low for they are so tiny. I want to keep my camera or phone camera trained on them all of the time. The wonder of their faces is so sweet. The one picture I didn't post was the back of Teresa as she was putting her foot on the blade of a shovel and then trying to step on it to drive it into the ground. I hope she still loves to do that when she grows up. I do.

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