Monday, March 7, 2016

Fourth generation

Have you eaten cinnamon buns from this porch?
Photo: Moiya Wood, March 7, 2016
Tonight Miranda was making cinnamon buns for her family.

She has a new twist.

She lined the pan with parchment paper, and then just plucked it out of the pan, paper and all and let it rest on a rack. Michael touched the pan so he had his finger in a glass of ice water for a while. Alice had her bun on a fork and tried to eat the sticky top, so she had a cloth on her lips. Miranda thanked me for teaching her how to make the buns. I told her I had to thank my mother for teaching me, who in turn had to thank Aunt Erva. That makes four generations of people who have touched the bun when it was too hot, or pushed the pan before it was cool.



  1. I think the photo looks fake. Like someone has photo shopped it!

    I know it is the real thing, hut it still looks fake.