Thursday, March 10, 2016

International Women's Day -- how to celebrate

Cupcakes of course.


And cake (which Naomi took to the church last night to share with her Achievers group: the 8-11 year old girls).

It was Naomi's design.  We had some old marshmallow fondant in the freezer, so we pulled it out and searched our cookie cutter box for letters and shapes.  I love what she decided to do.


  1. I had to read the post twice and then enlarge the pics before I saw what was going on here. Each cupcake has its own decoration. And then the top of the cake is fantastic. I hope not one piece of it came home from the event.

    March 8ith is also my mother's birthday, so when it passes by, I forget that I should celebrate International Women's Day as well. In the past I have gone on political marches that day, but it is mostly a march joined by union workers, marking safety in the workplace, etc.

    So I have a question?

    What is marshmallow fondant and how do you make it I love the look of the cutouts that you can design from it. And it looks tasty as well.

    What do the marks on Naomi's face in the third picture represent? Looks like I want to know all.

  2. On Naomi's face? Those plastic sticky tags you use to mark paper (think office setting, flagging spots in a long document to come back to later).

    The cupcakes spell out: