Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Happy 56th Birthday, Boyce

"Nice to see you eating better, Boyce."
I received an email saying that it would be Boyce's 56th birthday on March 31st, and that the day would be celebrated on the 30th with a party on Grant's floor at Seton Place.

Just turn left at the elevators on two.
"Yes, I know I am 56."

When we arrived Ramona had done it all. 

There were helium balloons.

Two tables were set with cloths and festive plates and napkins -- matching of course.

 Take-out Chinese food was there.
"How can you be 56 and your dad be 90?"
"Where did the time go?"

The birthday man was feted with stories of the past.

Bruce remembered that on his first date with Ramona, when he brought her home, Boyce came out to the car, got in, and the date extended while they went again so that Boyce could be part of the event.

Boyce has always had the good sense to tell me that I am his favourite aunt.

His eyes truly lit up when Jeni reminded him that he is her favourite brother-in-law.
In the phone call from Katherine, some little voice asked Jeni 
if she could come for another sleep-over. I would like to come
to that party as well.  I will bring the candy.  Lots of it.

I couldn't capture the picture of Boyce blowing out his two candles -- one a number five and the other a six.

That part of the evening lasted only a fraction of a second.

We all feasted on Chapman's Creamy Vanilla Ice-cream and/or Rainbow Sherbet.

"Hard to keep the glasses on the right place on my nose."

I think I have said enough to make everyone wish they had been there.

Catherine face timed in from Lethbridge and her little family sang Happy Birthday.

All of us are still amazed that technology will let us do that.
The right size of cake for 7 party people.

Boyce spent a long time reading his cards and looking at his gifts. I had the vanilla twice but showed restraint with the sherbet having it only once.

Besides wonderful cash Boyce received chocolate-covered almonds from England and a small box of mints, the top of the box carrying the face of John Wayne, and Jen reminding him of the saying, "A man's gotta do what a man's gotta do."
One winter bear scoop for the ice-cream,
the other scooper for the sherbet.

I have been to many birthday parties, and initiated some of them.

But I think I have been to more of Boyce's parties, just as a guest, than any other person I know.

The theme is always Chinese food. 


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  1. Happy Birthday to Boyce. Looks like a birthday party wonder.