Saturday, March 26, 2016

The Diary of Anne Frank

Audience:  LtoR - Audra, Sabrina Zach and Art
Eight of us went to see The Diary of Anne Frank tonight, a play by Albert Hacket & Frances Goodrich and presented by the theatre company, Act Theatre. 

Gabe plays the part of Peter Van Daan.

He did the matinee and the evening performance.

His evening guests you can see to the left.

Tonia, Lurene and others were at the matinee.

West Village Theatre is a small venue, 85 seats in the house, everyone as good as the next.

The theatre is just under the bridge at the junction of the Bow River and Crowchild Trail, and is in an alley.

I would not have found it without having specific instructions.
Audience:  LtoR - Marcia, Arta, Wyona and Greg

There can hardly be a more sobering play -- whether having read the book or not.

On the way home Greg told us that the title of Anne Frank's book is The Diary of a Young Girl.

 ...directed by Amanda Liz Cutting ...
I haven't read it, and only know the small bits that my kids used to do in speech performances, beginning with the line, "Look, Peter, the sky."

Gabe did some serious acting -- fight scenes, tripping scenes and a scene where he pulls a joke by pretending to have a cat under his jacket.

In the play, the character of Peter is in the same attic with a group of other people for a year and a half.

Gabe had the character development thoughtfully sketched out.

The play runs until next Saturday.



  1. David and I went out and studied the biosketches of the actors. We were amazed at how many plays Gabe has been in. We also read up about Anne Frank. We found, online, images of where she was when she wrote her diary. We talked about writing in a diary. We are not active diary writers. Today most of our writing was about planning how to spend our Easter. We enjoyed your post and photos.

  2. Re the play: I just about wrote up Gabe's biosketch and then it was so long I thought no one would believe me. Yes, he has been in many productions and it isn't over for this year yet, for when this show closes he begins practising for another.

    David, when you go to Amsterdam and you are older, one of the things you can choose to do is go see the attic where this family lived. You can buy a pass that will take you in as many museums as you can get to in three days, and this will probably be one you will select.

    Marcia Bates has been to it as well, and on Gay Pride Day, so while she was standing in the line-up to get into the museum she saw the most ornate, featherfill floats she had ever seen, just moving slowly down the canal.

    Re diary writing: Maybe blogging is a kind of diary writing. I don't think it is popular now to write diaries, as it was in the past. Given that, there are many people in the family who write a kind of diary. I know I do. And Uncle Eric does.

    Thanks for reading about Anne Frank. Her words have carried meaning to people for over 70 years now.

  3. how fun! (in the way that holocaust stuff is...)
    Wish i could have seen it with you guys!

  4. Gabe has loved rehearsing and acting in this show. Next week he starts rehearsing for Beauty and Beast at school, the musical. Gabe is the beast!