Tuesday, March 29, 2016

The Dirt Pile

back row: Theresa, Alice, Michael, Kalina
front row: Audra teaching Betty to play in the dirt
Today I was reminded of being at the beach on a summer day, 1/4 of a mile of beach and yet everyone swimming in the water or sitting on the beach within reach of each other .

Looking at the raised garden bed, all five of the cousins seemed to be able to find a spot in the same bed and within reach of each other.  A whole yard to play in, and everyone in the same spot.

There is a designated dirt pile at this home, but the garden is full of rich loam that was ready to be turned.  So that is where they were.

... sometimes tables need sweeping ...
Miranda had purchased new tools and together the five of them dug with shovels and small spades, raking, smashing the dirt balls and pulling out the quack grass.

There can't help but be dirt that flies in the wrong direction with so many willing hands.

But just so as it stayed within the frame, that seemed to be all that mattered to the care givers.
 ...Wyona joins the fun ...

There were lots of drinks on the table and chicken strips and fries.

 When the work seemed too onerous, someone would come and refresh themselves with food and then back to digging they went.
"This time I caught a big one, Grandma!"

The biggest prize was finding a small worm, which they showed to Wyona.

We sang the song for them, "Nobody likes me, everybody hates me / think I'll go eat worms... 

At that point Wyona pretended to eat the worm, so there were some shocked and others just in disbelief about what they imagined they had seen.

Alice's lesson on shaking the dirt out of the quack grass ...
The second garden bed got no action.

There are some raspberry bushes in it, and when someone would migrate to that bed, back they would come to the place where the earth was soft and the brambles, non-existant.

Some of the dried chive flowers were taken from that second bed and brought back to the first and planted.

Our first hope that Spring will bring blooms to everything that is stuck in the ground.



  1. What a wonderful party we had. None can see from the photos that it was cold.When the sun went down we had to play running games to get warm. Only the over 50's wanted the party to end

  2. The other thing that the photos don't show is how many times those little children came back to take a drink from one of the 9 glasses of pop we brought back from MacDonalds.

    Nor does it show how we had to tell Michael, no -- you can't get chocolate milk for a beverage -- you have to have pop. There will be no healthy eating going on when the grandmothers take kids to MacDonalds!