Thursday, March 31, 2016

Blessed Facebook

I have no idea why I called this post blessed Facebook, for I rarely go out to take a look at that world.

But Facebook is the place most of the people I met tonight had seen the invitation to meet for a small party hosted by Kerri Sing.  I sat by Michelle Nielsen, Larita Barfus and Miranda Johnson, as well as three others of Kerri's friends -- Jean (Kerri's adult playground friend) and at our table was also a lovely 6 month old baby girl named Hoona.

The whole table of women shared stories:  how we knew Kerri, how some of us had already become acquainted with the others at the table, whom else we knew in the room, and if people in our families have ever been breast cancer survivors.

Many of us will meet again on Kerri's new blog.  I told her that I am a dangerous invite, and that it will be alright if she blocks me.

Kerri took selfies with most of us as we left.

Now that is a party.


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