Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Michael's Backyard

... note the size of the bubble, lower right hand corner ...
"Take all you want!" 
... Kalina passing out the marshmallow ...
We invited ourselves back to Michael's backyard since there is room to run and lots of play equipment.

I wonder if the best toy of all isn't the bubble machine.

Richard got it filled.

Alice said she had a good idea and out of the house she came with all of the spoons her parents own, passing them out to everyone so that the game could be, catch the bubbles on a spoon as they land.
I could line them up, but not keep the sun out of their eyes.

I was thinking how important it is to have back-up bubbles, but they need to be bought by the litre.

Alice has two yard long bubble tubes, but when she takes out the plastic holder that carries the bubbles in one hand, she tips the other hand with the bubble holder tube and all of the bubbles end up on the sidewalk or the grass.

 ...a one bubble experiment and then the tube dropped to the ground ...
The biggest hit is a battery operated machine that throws the bubbles in the air. That machine can keep five children running around the yard, catching bubbles on a spoon.

"I just about caught it!"
I didn't know the day would come when I would see five little second cousins running around the yard. Pretty cute!

The day ended when the sun went down and we all had to put our jackets on and run around the yard, playing What Time Is It, Mr. Wolf, and Tag.

The first game is quite frightening to 2 year olds, so the three of them had to have grandmothers hold their hands as they marched along shouting out, "What time is it Mr. Wolf".  It was a good thing that the third grandmother, Joan Turnbull, had arrived by then, so it was one two-year old per grandmother.

The good thing about tag is that the quickest they can run is about the quickest the grandmothers can run, so in that respect, the players of the games were evenly matched.

And we play by a very loose set of rules:  run and scream.


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  1. Audran chose to have the party in Michael's backyard. However, Michael wanted the party at Chisholm, my house. Michael was outvoted by the three girls. Majority rules!