Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Teatro alla Scala is on another planet

Click the title above for the best I could do for finding a review of La Scala which I saw will be coming to the big screen in Calgary, both Thursday and Sunday.

With very little hope of ever getting to Milan to see this magnificent structure and sit in its seats, I am going to take this film as my opportunity of finding out something about La Scala:  one hour and 38 minutes, I think the brochure said.



  1. I didn't make it tonight. But it is showing at 12:55 pm on Sunday as well. I still have the interest from the reading I did. Sometimes the reading is enough, but not in this case. I want to see the show, just as if I were in Milan and on a tour of the opera house. Did you know it has been rebuilt twice?

    I feel as though I have been spoiled with all of these HD transmissions. Sometimes people live lives they have never dreamed of, and I am one of those. Not in my wildest imagination would I have thought I would hear and see so many operas. Butterfly is being performed on Saturday. I imagine all of the theatres will be sold out. But I am going to one of the encores.