Thursday, May 26, 2016

An Unbirthday Party

Hanging from the arms of the boys
are their nerf guns, an
important part of today's adventure.
David invited the boys he will be heading into middle school with, to a party at his house.

The main event?

Hard to know if that was the hot dogs, chips and pop, or the time at the lego table, or the run along the lake shoreline, or the planning and then executing of the nerf gun war.

There are rules for the Nerf Gun War that was to be held.  The rules were posted on the china cabinet.

One rule is about the area of the body at which you can take aim.  If things go wrong for you there is a way to measure your mistakes, one of which is that you have to wear your baseball cap backwards so that others will know you are "1" down.

It is early spring.  The grass between the ruts on the road is high.  The trees are in full foliage.  And if you enlarge the picture you are sure to see thimble berry bushes in full flower.

There was a bush down at the creek that was allowed to grow last year and it made it down as far as the water and grew in a wide circle up on the lawn.   Just one bush.  Gone now, taken out on the day that Bonnie and I attacked the larger weeds by the creek and the saplings in the meadow.

The daisies are growing, but not in bloom yet.  All seems well when nature is working out its natural Springtime rhythms.


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