Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Gravy on Toast

Moiya writes:

We roasted some beef on Sunday.

I am just letting you know that for supper tonight I am having a little bit of my Dad.

For Wyona the memory is
eggs poached in milk
and then poured over toast.
In this pic, milk is yet to be poured.
I toasted some bread and poured some of that nice roast beef gravy on top.

I am eating it with a knife and fork, just the way Dad used to.

He would make some for me too and we would sit at the kitchen table, just he and I, eating our lovely snack.




  1. The egg was poached in the milk and then poured over toast. A lot of salt and pepper was added. Delicious! I can see Doral and his father eating at the kitchen table.

  2. Yes, it was adding that salt and pepper that was important. As well, the milk was fresh from the farm in those days, and what they were pouring over the toast was closer to 18% butter fat, than the skim milk we are advised to eat these days.

    And thank you for pointing out that lots of salt and pepper was added. This was not optional.