Sunday, May 8, 2016

The Friday Night Standing Order

These boots (behind us) are made for walking ...
and riding ....
and that's just what they'll do.
Zoe and I have a standing order for a lunch date each Friday night.

We took Charise with us last week and she tramped us through Market Mall, looking for the Post Office and then for Coles for what seemed like hours and hours to me.

Zoe quite seemed to enjoy that walk.

So on Friday Zoe and I tried the same routine at Crowfoot Village.  We started out there with our coupons -- though Zoe didn't want anything on the discount menu.  That didn't seem to matter.  Just that there was a discount menu was the important part fo her of making the choice to go there.

I shouldn't really say we started out there.  Initially, when I got to her house she whispered to me that she had found Wyona's candy that was hidden.  She blurted that out when I asked who had been ruffling the covers on Wyona's bed.  Of course, I wanted to see where the stash was, and what the stash was -- a bag of sweets that only Wyona can pack: chocolate cream eggs, chocolate covered malt balls, chocolate covered jellies, and that is only in the category of candy I liked.  There were bags of the stuff that I have no interest in.   Zoe warned me that we should not take too much of it, and I tried not too.  But just a little from every bag soon began to fill my pockets. And I should have taken even less for the lovely Lindt chocolate eggs began to melt in my pocket before we had driven a few blocks.  The day was hot.

After our lunch date, we looked at every store by walking the perimeter, in and out of London Drugs, Marks Work Wear House, The Pet Shop -- oh yes, a big hit there.  Not for me!  But Zoe was touching the parrot, running her fingers through the hair of the guinea pig that someone else had out of a cage, and studying the eyes of the ferret.

The shop that went over the top for her was Lamelle's.  "Have you ever been in a shop that is just for cowboys," I asked her.  She shook her head.   We went in.   We looked at everything: the silver belt buckles with the Saddledome imprinted on them, the rhinestones on the back pockets of flashy jeans, and we sat down on a bench made of huge unsplit logs and smelled the leather of the cowboy boots.  Zoe got out her camera when we got to the frontier sports coats.  She was taking the pictures of those for Greg.  A good choice, for I am pretty sure that as yet he doesn't have one of those in his wardrobe yet, I told her.  I was surprised to see no saddles.  But thinking about it, I can find those at The Horse Shop.

We lingered for a long time at the sock rack in Lamelle's-- since every pair had some iteration of a horse or cowboy boots imprinted on them.  I should have had her buy a pair.  I just wasn't thinking.

We looked at free form sculptures there to buy, small ones for a coffee table.  There was a charming one of a man holding the reins of a horse and a small boy learning to ride.  Can you remember when Costco brought in a sculpture of a bucking horse and had it in their warehouse for sale?   Wyona will remember, for she wanted one to cart around the world with her.  I just wanted one, but they were out of my budget in those days.

Zoe I continued on down to the Urban Barn and she wanted to go in.  She was fascinated by the kinds of mirrors decorators use.  We checked out the frozen yogurt shop and decided to save some room for that venue when we go next to Crowfoot Village to do our shopping.  We lingered on the steps of Montana's, remembering when she and I and Moiya had dinner at that chain one night.

All in all, a lovely evening.

All of it window shopping.



  1. OK Zoe. Where is my chocolate spot? I have forgotten. Could you please hide it again Zoe so you cannot find my candy and eat it. I need all those chocolates.Do not show Tonia where the chocolate is hiding. She will eat it.

  2. And of course I remember the bronze cowboy statue at Costco. It was amazing. I went by it all the time. I wanted to buy it. I never bought it. It was too heavy.

    And I never bought the 3 talking, life-size witches at Halloween but if I see the same thing at Costco next year, I will buy it.